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Damon Cirulli  aka D-MONEY


Origins:         West Sonoma County


Specialty:    Commercials, Music Videos, Narrative



Focus on the vivid and memorable. There is no box, just kick ass origami.


Interests:     Futurism. Comedy.  Non sequiturs.


For the record:  

  • Loved shooting a commercial for LEGO.  Big kid.

  • Directed commercial campaign for

  • Recently filmed a music video with Kendrick Lamar and George Clinton.  Mad dope.

  • Can recite the entire poem “The Cremation of Sam Mcgee”

  • Red Epic Owner/Operator/Slanger

  • For Rent:  Me and my Bae


Social:   @papatoobad  //





Director by day, lion tamer by night. Damon creates visceral visions, wetting appetites for delight.   From the run-and-gun to studio lots, Damon redefines what’s fresh, new and sizzling hot.  Like tamales.


Damon grew up with an active imagination, a rocket in a glass bottle.  By the time he was twelve he was producing and directing films.  For the last decade he has been working in Hollywood, shooting, writing and directing everything from the commercial to experimental, narrative and beyond.  He knows, imagination is the only weapon in the war on reality.  





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