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Oh you swanky, huh?

Here at SWANKY we do thangs a lil different:


We wear our socks mismatched. We think, dance and create outside the box.  We make our flicks eclectic, electric and cinematic.

We’re all about 3 things: the story, the style and the crafting of killer content. 


Part Production company, part collective — our directors, cinematographers and producers each have a unique background and a one-of-a-kind voice that's slickly represented in their storytelling. You will never meet more diverse, humble, hard working creatives than us.  Plus, we have the most fun.

With backgrounds in feature films, television, advertisement, fashion, music videos, virtual reality and commercial, our roster is exceptionaly versatile and represents a new-wave of hollywood cinematic storytellers - all with something unique to say.


We know the value of the dollar in media production and we maximize budgets large and small to create specialized, one-of-a-kind content. Our flicks are tailor-made to serve creatives, clients and customers alike.  


We like to call it, "ballin' on a budget."

We have the skills, the attitude and the means to make your media original, innovative, and well….. just rad.

Peruse our work - ask us a question - let us consult with you on your ideas.  We’d love to get you in touch with any of our filmmakers and discuss how we can make your media distinct.  


You might end up calling it swanky.




© 2017 Swanky Flicks LLC

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