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Koji Yamamoto  aka Kojibear 


Origins:          Kanagawa, Japan

Hailing:         JAPAN


 Commercial, Music Video, Narrative


 Use the force and let the magic  happen.  


                  Film, BMX, Metal, Chocolates, Star Wars 


For the record:  

  • Lives in JAPAN.

  • Lived in Cali for 7 years (2005~2012). 

  • Great great grandpa was a samurai.  Real ish.

  • Former running back

  • Metalhead. But secretly enjoys some pop music.

  • Owns 4 guitars, 2 BMX bikes and a Shiba Inu.   

  • Cooks the best fried rice in the entire world.

  • Childhood dream was to become a watermelon. Real ish.

  • Koji is written 康士 in Japanese. 康(Ko) means “healthy” or “tough” and 士(ji) means “warrior”, “samurai” or “noble man” etc. KOJI(康士) literally means “tough samurai”.


Social:   @kojihellfire  //





Konnichiwa ya'll!  


I currently live in Japan and work with both Japanese clients and international clients from all over the world. I’m a former Southern Californian who brought my Long Beach roots back to the deep east.  


I’m actually one of the few bilingual directors in Japan, believe it or not.

I often multitask as a director, vfx artist, editor, producer and music composer. I just like to create, yup!. I also had a chance to be part of 69th Cannes Film Festival with my short film, GHOST OF THE SUN.


I was a weird little kid who loved Star Wars and making movies in my head. Now I’m a weird grown-up man who loves Star Wars and actually making movies.


I guess I haven’t changed much?






Director, Writer, Editor, VFX, Composer, Bow chica wow wow

Brenna v.K. –" Promises of Pretty Things" - Official Video
Director, Editor, VFX

Japan Open Poker Tour 
Director, Editor, VFX (titles)

SONY - FS5 Camera
Branded Content
Director, Editor

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