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Pascal's first film "Pascal's kick ass skateboarding video" shot freshman year of high school set the tone for the rest of his career. 


Although the film was god awful, he picked up the addiction and pursuit of visual story telling at an early age.  He then started developing the skills necessary to become a cinematographer as a leader, technician and artiste (french for intellectual creative individual bad ass.)


As a leader Pascal became his high school's varsity wrestling captain and varsity Football game captain receiving MVP awards in both sports, proving his leadership in strength, strategy and technique. Clutch.


As a technician Pascal received an Ivy League degree in Economics and Cinema Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, proving his technical proficiency in both mathematics and theory. He also has an Ivy league sense of humor (sarcasm.)


As an artist, Pascal's French citizenship gives him a platform to soak up French art while visiting his family's Normandy farmhouse.  Mmm pastries.


All that said Pascal knows this doesn't mean anything without the team and without a strong vision backing the visual storytelling.  He is down to collaborate and discuss your next project over some engaging activity.  You name it.

Pascal Combes-Knoke  aka Pass-kall / Paskaly / Pascal Dynamite


Origins:            SoCali / French (OUI OUI)

Specialty:       Cinematography / Steadicam

Approach:      I ask lots of questions. Then I make it look sexy and SINematic.  Bahahah.


Sinema (haahahahhh)

Cinematic media content

Dry-humour, sarcasm and french pastries


For the record:  

  • Was going to be a rocket scientist.  Was super boring.

  • Owner/operator Alexa + Alexa Mini + Steadi-Cam

  • International Passport/Work Permits. 

  • Used to look identical to Napoleon Dynamite but cut his hair in order to not confuse people (Drue wrote this)


Social:   @pascalfilm  //






PASKY - Cinematographer - REEL

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