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Gerard Roxburgh  aka ROX
Writer/Director + Preditor


Origins:         Greenock, Scotland


Feature Documentary Director, Television Producer,
Editor with an emphasis in combat sports.




Non-linear storytelling. 



Fighting, filmmaking and video games.

For the record:  

  • Won several awards for feature documentary “Once I was a Champion.” 

  • Produced over 60 episodes of the Ultimate Fighter on FOX

  • In development on 3 feature films.

  • Co-produced a Sylvester Stallone Film. Adrian!!!

  • Has a decent grasp of quantum physics. 

  • Gets punched in the face by professional fighters
    for fun.

  • Stereotypically loves whiskey.


Social:   @roxburghinsta




Alright!  I’m a Scottish-born filmmaker based in L.A.

I started in the business directing a few award winning shorts, most notably at the Tribeca film festival. After that, I directed and produced the award winning feature Documentary “Once I was a Champion” which premiered at LAFF in 2011.

I've directed a number of television commercials and produced four seasons of The Ultimate Fighter for FOX.  I also directed the Sasquatch you see to the left.  He's a good actor. 

I have multiple scripts in development, and recently joined the WGA.

I'm one of the fastest, most talented editors you'll ever meet (Drue wrote that).  I like to be heavily involved in the post-production process on all of my various endeavors.  I fit all Scottish stereotypes (Drue wrote that, too.)





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